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Teach your Youngsters with a fantastic, remarkable balance of exciting and interaction that should deliver them a memorable Understanding encounter! Be sure, however, that you choose the most beneficial to ensure that they are often intelligent, Inventive, and literate right away!

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How Educational Toys Can Help Kid Read 

It"s as clear as day that the psychology of children is various from us adults in terms of learning. Children mainly discover a lot from playing. Educational toys are excellent because when you play those with them, it offers chance to enhance bond, discover, and have a good time in one go. In addition, making education enjoyable will help them retain the important things they discover and establish a positive attitude towards learning.

Now, have you become aware of utilizing magnetic alphabet letters? These magnetic letters teach your kids letter acknowledgment, spelling, early vocabulary and creativity that can enhance their motor and coordination, early literacy, matching and sorting skills. With a set of these, you can have the ideal tool to teach your kids how to check out, and compose. Imagine how heartwarming it is when you discover 3 words such as “I Love U" crafted by your kid on the refrigerator!

What Kind of Magnetic Letters Set Must You Get 

There are numerous things you must think about prior to getting an alphabet refrigerator magnets set. And here"s 4 things you have to know: 

A Complete Set

You may not wish to buy a set that only consist of alphabet only. Reading is not only to check out alphabets, right? Your kids must also discover what is the shape of numbers, or what this kind of mark means. So, at least you have to get a set that consist of alphabets, numbers, and marks.

The Style

Well, it"s a toy, and you wish to teach them in a fun method, so, you have to get one that capture their attention. It has to be appealing to keep them intrigued and consider it fun. You have to get a set that is vibrant, and have cute design, maybe like smiling faces, or animals.


Kid in some cases not knowledgeable about the damage that might be around them, well, we cannot blame them, because they are have the tendency to wonder about all things. Sometimes they put things in their mouth, right? So, another thing you must think about prior to getting an alphabet refrigerator magnets set is the product. You do not desire your kids" toy to be made from toxic products and can damage them. Perhaps you can choose one made from wood that is layered with non-toxic paint.

The Durability

This one last thing, the number of times do we have to buy the very same toys because our kids play with it approximately? You have to think about the toughness also, so you won"t have to buy another set like when the only letter “A" or “W" is broken.

With all the important things that have to be considered, you can get puzzled when you"re looking for the ideal one in the large market. But guess what? There is a brand new item that covers all your issues, and it is called Joy"s ABC  

Joy"s ABC – 40 pcs Wooden Magnetic Alphabet Letters Numbers 

Joy"s ABC includes 26 alphabets (a-z), 10 numbers (0-9), and 5 marks (+, -, x, ÷, +). With this total wooden magnetic letters set, you can teach them to check out, compose, and simple math equation like 1 +2 to keep them ahead their peers when they go to school. Just wait till they get to high school if you wish to involve alphabet in the math equation, okay? These magnetic letters and numbers are made from non-toxic and sturdy wood products with strong magnets on their back that will stick strongly on any fridge surface areas without any difficulty. They will not fall off quickly. And as we know it, children have the tendency to be rough on their toys and other things. You likely have at least one broken toy laying around your home. Toys made from wood frequently last throughout generations because they"re made from quality wood and are solid so it"s tough for them to be damaged beyond the scratch or damage. They"re also developed in assorted colors with smiling faces that will absolutely capture your kid"s attention, and rounded edges to enable simpler grip by their little fingers. In addition, the size is not too small for your children"s mouths, so it is safe and will guarantee that they do not get choked! This item does cover all of it! The brand name truly is being thoughtful when it comes in producing their items. They cover all the issues that every parents have when considering what kind of toys for their children, from performance, design, and safety. With Joy"s ABC, you can be a fantastic moms and dad by providing them knowledge, and playing with them at the same time.  

What Can You Expect from Joy"s ABC.

With all the features of these wooden letters, now you can focus on mentor and playing with your kid. Aside from enhancing bond in between the parents and the kid, there are things that you can anticipate by utilizing the wooden magnetic letters. Initially, letter acknowledgment, as discussed above, they can discover how to recognize letters, see the difference in between “A", “W, as well as various shape in numbers. This is the foundation in the kid"s capability to discover and compose. Aside from that, with letter pieces, they can also feel it. Next, after they can discriminate in between letters and numbers, they will have the ability to recognize some letter sounds. You can teach them how from how the shape of “A" to how it is noticable. This is also a great time to show them how letters can have several noises. Third, word development. Sometimes word development originates from a concern like, “How do you spell cow?". When they understand the letter sounds, they will start to attempt the word development, what letters form the sound. If they‘re able to break down the word “cow" into specific words, then they will have the ability to replicate those noises with associated letters and form a word. Last but not least, the capability to compose. You can provide a running start when it concerns hold the pencil correctly because they can have strong hands when getting used of playing with wooden magnetic letters. And strong hands are vital when it concerns learning to compose.  

Our Buyers Love Joy ABC 

Jesse Nietzer 

“My son loves these. He"s 10 months old and loves to be in the kitchen with us while we make dinner. In the past he has ripped down our other magnets so I figured I should get some of his own. These are sturdy and the paint is directly on the wood rather than a sticker, which I think is great." 

Melissa Rollins 

“Love these magnets! The designs are colorful and distinctive, without clashing and looking cheap like traditional refrigerator magnets. They’re adorable, unique and the storage bag is great, too! I actually like the magnets enough to leave them neatly displayed on the fridge, and use the storage bag for finger her puppet collection. It’s a nice bag, so it’s perfect! Highly recommend! “


“I wish I could give more stars! This product is amazing and very cute. The magnets are on the back of the entire letter unlike others I bought (and returned because they wouldn’t stay on the fridge). Each letter and number features eyes at the top so that little ones learning can always tell which end is the top. They are a little pricey but I would definitely recommend buying these."  

Colorful Educational Toys, Perfect and Sturdy Design
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